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Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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I sincerely hope you enjoy my writings - but please, if you copy anything, let me know ~ and please give me credit for the writing.

And now, a little about me...

My name is George Dula. I live in south-central Pennsylvania, USA, and have been here since around 1993, formerly resided in the the land of my lineage in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northwestern North Carolina.

Many years ago as a solitary backpacker and hiker throughout the Southern Appalachian mountains I was gifted with the name Hemlock Evergreen, after the huge and ancient Eastern Hemlock trees which dominate many areas in the mountains I love (the name has nothing at all to do with the poison hemlock herb of Greek mythology). Many have known me by that name, and much of my writings were written under that pseudonym. During early 2013 I also began writing under the pen-name of Dooley MacBride, which honors my Irish and Scottish lineage...and much more.

Professionally, I pursue interests as a Safety Director and adult level educator (primarily for safety). I remain a Hazardous Materials Technician-Specialist and was Radiological Officer for many years. I'm webmaster for several websites, including my first and most complex website for Celtic Myth and Moonlight, and am rather proud of her website (where the photography is also mine).

My poetry has been published in the June, August and October, 2010 issues of Green Egg Magazine. I'm hopeful for publication in other magazines and am looking into having my poetry published in book form. For relaxation I take walks in the woods, write poetry, take photographs of nature, kayak, and play a few varied musical instruments. I also enjoy attending and participating in Celtic and Native American festivals in our region, as well as reenactments at 18th & 19th century historic events. Sadly, my dog and companion Pippin (a smallish black lab) passed away in 2016.

I suppose one might say that my passion is for things Celtic, both ancient and modern, it's in my blood - and it permeates my writings. During 2019 I'm hopeful for a trip to Scotland and Ireland with my brother.

Musically I'm a bit of a drummer, playing Scottish/Irish bodhrans and Native American drums (including a 32” Navajo Thunder Drum), and occasionally play my djimbes. I have drummed some with the duo Maggie Spike, and have a guest appearance with my thunder drum on their CD, "Sol Paradise" (although my name is spelled wrong on their CD cover). I've also played bodhran on-stage a few times with the Scottish drumming group Clann an Drumma (with the now sadly departed Joe Kilna MacKenzie) and for a short while with the local group Norsewind. Some years ago I took up the Native American flute and also play my mountain lap dulcimer, the Lochaber Trump (jaw harp) for which I've won 1st & 2nd prizes at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games competitions, and the didgeridoo. Someday I hope to try my hand at the Celtic harp and bagpipes, which both sound quite beautiful. I obviously have a preference for the old-fashioned acoustic and percussion instruments.

I listen mostly to Celtic music (both traditional and modern) and Native American music. Some entertainers I'm quite fond of are Sora, Loreena McKennitt, the Barley Bhoys, and Clann an Drumma. Some movies I'm particularly fond of include Lord of the Rings, Rob Roy, The Secret of Roan Innis, Braveheart, High Noon (original), The Last of the Mohicans and The Patriot. I also like the old classics as well as early science fiction and horror films. Regarding television, the old shows are generally preferred, such as Star Trek (original series), The Avengers, The Prisoner, Mulberry, The Addams Family, The Munsters, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Gilligan's Island, and so on. Favorite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, Ray Bradbury, and other early vintage science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clark, etc.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my writings, which will hopefully be compiled into a book sometime in the near future.

Please be at peace.

George Dula

Last updated on September 28, 2018

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