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This website was inactive for a few years, but on the 2018 Mabon Second Harvest Celebration, the time came to re-activate it.
I truly hope my writings bring you pleasure!
Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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Autumn Sky


Autumn sky so blue and deep
Falling into your depths it seems,
Almost, as sitting here with head tilted back
Looking high – just shy of the stars.

Black vultures flew high all around my head
As I, sauntering by, disturbed their repose
Launching from limbs, noisy wings full of air
Seeking peace undisturbed – by me.

Warm wind greets me along this way,
Upon this deceptive autumn day
With chill night ahead, no doubt,
As the yellow sun sinks toward its horizon.

Insects are still so noisome amongst the trees
Yet I wonder how much longer they’ll last
Until those heavy frosts portending winter
Bringing silence outdoors ‘cept for birds and the squirrels.

Autumn’s life, I'll savor while it lasts,
For soon dark will win over light
As the seasonal wheel turns –
I’ll be waiting for the Spring….


Hemlock Evergreen
September 18, 2011



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