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I truly hope my writings bring you pleasure!
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Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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I sincerely hope you enjoy my writings - but please, if you copy anything, let me know ~ and please give me credit for the writing.

Some people I'd like to thank...

Dorothy Knowles, a dear friend
(owner, Celtic Myth and Moonlight)

Totally aside from being dear friends for many years, in 2006 we began taking photographs of her shop for her website’s virtual tour page.  Two years later we took the leap to create her online PayPal shopping cart and, thanks to her, the initiative was suddenly there to learn website design.  We completely re-did Celtic Myth and Moonlight's website, and I fully admit to being very proud of her, her wondrous shop and her website (which features my photography and web design throughout).  But it’s an easy thing to be inspired creatively there because of all the exquisite merchandise and the magical energies she's put into it of herself. 
Dorothy, thank you for having faith in my abilities, and for working with me over these years even when hit with stumbling blocks which frustrated us both – but which we eventually worked our way through.
Please take a look at Celtic Myth and Moonlight's website at www.celticmythmoon.com/ and Facebook site at www.facebook.com/CelticMythMoon


My Brother Finley

Early on, my brother provided me with software enabling me to manipulate the digital photographs I was taking, allowing me to create images to be proud of.  He's also provided me with other invaluable technical assistance. We’ve both been through some rough times over the last few years, but we’re still brothers…enough said.


Glenda Danilshenko, friend and neighbor
(owner, The Reinholds Inn)

Glenda has been a good neighbor over the decades, and I've dined at her historic Reinholds Inn many times over the years. During 2009 I began assisting her with some major website problems she was having (recovering it after it was lost), and have completely re-done it for her. Please take a look at The Reinholds Inn's website at www.reinholdsinn.com/


Peter Mitchell
(of Mitchell PC)

Without Peter’s invaluable assistance and guidance I’d never have learned website design – and I’d most assuredly not have had the confidence to develop websites of my own, much less attempt to begin a business of my very own.  Peter, thank you for having the confidence in me, and for your patience with me through my many questions.


Warren Holohan
(owner, Ink and Essence)

This was my second website to work on, and we had to work through many difficulties with its development.  It was a real pleasure working with his outstanding Celtic designs, trying to create a website which does them justice.  Warren’s artistic talent and knowledge of history and graphic design helped immensely, and his wisdom helped me to steer a truer course.  Thank you, Warren, both for your friendship and knowing that we could do it!


The Editor of Green Egg Magazine

I had the great pleasure of being webmaster for Green Egg Magazine from 2010 - 2013. During the 1970s - 1990s, I read that magazine cover-to-cover whenever I could find it for sale (often while backpacking in the Southern Appalachian mountains) and subscribed to if for years. When in 2010 I discovered their website's need for assistance I offered my services. We've since parted ways, but I value the time spent there.


Please accept my apologies if I've left you off this list. Many people have contributed to my life and sadly some of those are no longer with us, most especially my departed mother (some of my photographs here are from her home).

For all of you, I give my thanks!


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